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The Hopper-sprayer makes Cement-Lime-Papercrete-Clay and other Plaster application fast & easy!

The hopper holds about a gallon of mix. The tool length is 36", and the hopper is approximately 9"W x 9.5"L x 7" D. The hopper is rinse-dipped in water periodically to keep holes clear (especially when using ferrocement and cement based mixes), and is sprayed with a heavy duty lubricant before use (LPS 3 product recommended, or WD 40.) A spiral cleaning tool is included.


Designed for plaster and mortar mixtures (sand and grave) to 5/16" thickness.( sawdust, chopped paper and small fiber work well too.) - 13.2 Lb. Hopper capacity - 4.7 Lb. Thrower weight -Operates at 50 psi. -Easy clean - Large wall surface areas can be plastered quickly. -Galvanized tube arm with rubberized grip -Steel hopper with brass fittings - Excellent substitution for tedious trowel and wrist plastering.

To operate the sprayer you will need at least a 5 hp compressor for a sprayer 7 acfm @ 90 psi. The larger the tank the better so the compressor can store a bit of air while you are swapping wheelbarrows of mix.

How the Hopper Sprayer Works Four air jets in the hopper blast the plaster though four portholes on the face of the unit. The operator stands in front of the surface to be plastered, grips the rubberized handle (or the hopper) with one hand, and squeezes the trigger with their other hand to deliver the plaster to the wall.

A 3.5 Hp two stage compressor will not work well

The sprayer delivers a "peaked" rough coat that can be left to set as the scratch coat, or can be troweled. Additional layers can be sprayed and troweled depending on finish coat desired.

Carving brick images or "ashlaring" into a stone look, or impressing patterns into the soft plaster can alse be done. This tool beats the heck out of hand application of clay and lime plaster. The FUN of plastering is the troweled effects, so spraying on the plaster quickly and evenly allows more time for creative design.


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